PITA unites the physical and informational infrastructure expertise at Carnegie Mellon and Lehigh Universities with the capabilities and needs of Pennsylvania companies and agencies to develop solutions to some of the Commonwealth's most serious infrastructure problems which impact economic growth and quality of life.

Program structure

Proposals are solicited from University faculty through an RFP process in late summer and selected through a competitive process. Projects must address one of the following PITA technology focus areas:

  • Transportation
  • Telecommunications and Information Technology
  • Facilities
  • Water Systems
  • Energy & Environment
  • Public Health & Medicine
  • Hazard Mitigation & Disaster Recovery

Project duration is typically 18 months. Project involves graduate and/or undergraduate students. Project targets $2 of leveraged funding for every $1 of PITA funding. All PITA funds are expended within the University.

The following strategic technology focus areas have been developed in consultation with Industry Advisory Board members.

Technology areas