2015 Projects

Optimized multiscale/multiphenomena modeling of membrane distillation process for water treatment

Assessment of alternative water management infrastructure strategies for natural gas extraction across cost, water use and greenhouse gas emissions

Lab-scale and pilot-scale testing of antimicrobial granular activated carbon

Design of an ion monitoring device for marine environments

2016 Projects

Stress corrosion cracking in concentrated chloride environments

Development of fluorescent sensing materials for saltwater in tracking device development

2017 Projects

Integrating robotic exploration and adaptive modeling of infrastructure networks

Phosphate recovery from waste water using Lehigh University's hybrid ion exchange nanotechnology (HIX-Nano)

2018 projects

Development of marine compatible ion sensing materials

Treatment technology for removal of toxic metal pollutants from impaired water sources

2019 projects

Predictive water and sewer asset management for prioritizing capital investments in Cranberry Township

Biological activated carbon for enhanced wastewater treatment and water reuse

2020 projects

A novel bio-nano process for energy efficient inland wastewater recovery

Design and fabrication of test membrane module for small-scale, solar-driven membrane distillation packages

Understanding the fate of contaminants of emerging concern and their metabolites during biological activated carbon treatment of wastewater

Development of a high-endurance bio-inspired underwater vehicle with energy extraction capabilities

2021 projects

Non-invasive 3D imaging-based diagnosis of water treatment plant filter integrity

Investigation of the solubility of oxy-fuel hydrogen glass furnace flue gas carry overs and the impacts on the membranes distillation

2022 projects

Flexible recoveries of water treatment plants from anomalies through self-learning from digital twin-based simulations

Development of a specialty four-probe conductivity sensor for foam fractionation devices

The role of free-living amoeba in the fate and transport of multi-drug resistant bacteria in drinking water systems

A stormwater smart city: Quantify the function of stormwater green infrastructures with real-time sensors

2023 projects

Maintenance-aware operation digital twins of aging water treatment plants for balanced operational safety, efficiency, and water quality

Nonlinear model predictive control of smart water systems in small to medium PA communities

Detection of bacterial binding with polymers and their degradation products

Stability and maneuverability in flying and swimming drones in multi-agent interactions using bio-inspired control systems

Development of a high-endurance bio-inspired underwater vehicle with energy extraction capabilities

Development of a charge-regulated activated carbon technology for removal of ionizable organic chemicals from water and wastewater