Telecommunications and Information Technology

2015 projects

Test-aware, process-aware design for manufacturing of integrated circuits

Transit service performance analysis and bunching detection using automatic passenger counters (apc) and automatic vehicle location (avl) data

A cost-effective accurate and resilient indoor positioning system

A secure, high performance system interconnect architecture for next generation data centers

Filtering packet delay variations in wireless backhaul networks for precise time distribution

2016 projects

A low-power wide area networking platform for infrastructure sensing

Flexible large-scale telemetry for attack detection in software-defined networks

Combining a variety of sensors for a user oriented internet of things

Analyzing and defending cyberattacks on electric & autonomous vehicle battery systems

Molecular layer deposition and thermal processing for novel low dielectric constant materials

Robust synchronization for networks using ieee 1588 precise time protocol in the presence of delay attacks

2017 Projects

Enhancing capabilities of a multiple sensors internet of things platform

Development of a snake-like robot with construction, inspection, aerospace, and disaster recovery applications

Polymer melt delivery systems incorporating proactive rheology control for high precision injection molding

2018 projects

Test chip design for maximal yield learning

Investigations of fixed charge at semiconductor-dielectric interfaces for power electronics applications

Uncertainty quantification and reduction in digital image correlation for deep learning damage diagnostic

Medical imaging and analysis enhancement via PCIE-based HPEC and 3d holography

2019 projects

Real-time expression and posture detection for american sign language recognition

Real-time multi-OCT-scanner data fusion enabled through PCIe-based HPEC, plus fusion with other modalities toward telemedicine and autonomous robotics

2020 projects

AI training data improvements and explainability

Holistic detection of human trafficking in online escort advertisements

Improved cybersecurity for cyber physical sensor systems performing classification

2021 projects

Enhancements to the explainable AI methods and interpretability of AI models

Optimizing the detailed scheduling of treatment programs in correctional systems

Material characterization - microstructure and mechanical properties of micro additive manufactured components

2022 projects

TrafficTrack: Spatio-temporal analysis and visualization for human trafficking detection

Improving the adhesion of epoxy-glass interfaces as a function of temperature and humidity

Cybersecurity for interdependent systems in building management

2023 projects

Topology optimization towards manufacturability with the aid of neural network

User-guided visual summarization of events for sharing and storage

Artificial intelligence for quality prediction and control in semiconductor wafer manufacturing