2015 projects

Transit service performance analysis and bunching detection using automatic passenger counters (APC) and automatic vehicle location (AVL) data

HES diesel particulate filter (DPF) innovation-beta test evaluation and research feedback

Sustainability-based life-cycle performance and cost analysis of highway bridges: emphasis on steel bridges

Fabrication efficiency of large built-up sections using electroslag welding

2016 projects

Life-cycle cost, risk and sustainability analysis and prediction of performance of steel bridges with and without corrosion resistant steel

2017 projects

A holistic framework for prioritizing investments in bridge lifting

Optimization of passenger flow at pittsburgh international airport

Matching rider demand and sharing service in transportation infrastructure networks for the pittsburgh metropolitan area

High-speed micro-aerial transportation through cluttered environments

Effects of climate change on life-cycle safety, sustainability and resilience of steel bridges

Design and prototyping of locking temporary bridge support structure

2018 projects

Data-driven design of frequent transit service network in Allegheny County

Life-cycle optimal risk-based management of conventional carbon steel and maintenance-free steel bridges

Manufacturability of steel orthotropic bridge decks (phase 2)

2019 projects

Efficient service life extension of bridges through risk-based life-cycle management and high-performance construction materials: Emphasis on corrosion-resistant steel

Machine learning with edge and cloud computing for crowdsensing of pavement conditions

Fatigue life estimation of bridges with smart mobile sensing

Life extension of fatigue-damaged highway rail, and transit bridges

CIAMTIS UTC 2019 Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program

2020 projects

Modeling and enhancing freight mobility in the philadelphia region

Risk- and sustainability-informed decision-making for durability enhancement and service life extension of steel bridges using maintenance-free steel

2021 projects 

Autonomous aerial contact sensing of arbitrary surfaces for improved inspection of transportation infrastructure

Towards data-driven and continuous safety inspection of connected commercial trucks and trailers

Developing an equity focused planning tool for transit and bike share systems

Optimal first-mile-last-mile on-demand mobility service for Robinson and Moon Townships

Robust sensing for internet of autonomous delivery robots on sidewalks

Life-cycle investigation on the use of novel corrosion resistant steel in new and existing bridges

RoboStud automation commercialization

Reliability-based evaluation of shear performance in slender plate girder webs with realistic imperfections

2022 projects

Scalable and low-cost cyber-physical system framework for health monitoring of mobile and stationary railroad assets

Leveraging social media data to improve the matching of bike share supply and demand in the Pittsburgh region

Data-driven predictive pavement management system for Smart Communities

Deterioration of digital twins of commercial trucks and trailers for targeted inspection and maintenance

Life extension of deteriorating steel bridges by using corrosion resistant steel

A mobile sensing approach to bridge fatigue life estimation

2023 projects

Aerial contact manipulation for autonomous maintenance of transportation infrastructure

Multimodal fusion for real-time monitoring and communication between vulnerable road users and transportation infrastructure

Development and implementation of a framework for optimizing equitable multimodal mobility service and infrastructure investments

Mobility digital twin platform for southwestern Pennsylvania

Towards a data-driven approach to assess the effects of bike lanes on ridership, air quality, and employment

Co-design of imaging systems and traffic paint

Application of ultra-high performance concrete (UHPC) in Pennsylvania bridges

Simulating and optimizing complex supply chains

Enhanced design for shear buckling in stiffened slender webs of steel plate girders

AI-driven framework for bridge inventory condition assessment